Dana DunhillHi – My name is Dana Dunhill and welcome to my website.

With a BS in Construction Management, my hands-on experience has taught me a lot about home maintenance and how best to protect my marble investment.

You will find, on this website useful information, a few facts and tips about marble you may not have previously known.

The intent of the website is to help marble owners recognize its full potential and how to preserve this miracle of nature for generations to come.

I’ve also written and assembled a guide which is a culmination of my years of experience in working with natural stone. In a host of marble applications – everything from kitchen counters to walls, to elaborate foyer entries and architectural features I’ve ordered it, had it cut, polished, installed, repaired, upgraded and maintained on a number of projects.

This How to Clean Marble guide covers every aspect of its care from stains to sealing to removing scratches and more and is offered through this website or directly at Amazon.com. Not only is it a comprehensive guide but it becomes the “go to” resource you can have at your fingertips for easy access.

If you have any specific questions about marble care, please feel free to shoot me an email through my Contact page. All marble related emails are answered in 24 hours or less.

Thanks for visiting my site!