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Welcome to our marble cleaning and maintenance website — your complete online resource for understanding the properties of marble and how to care for it.

This site will answer your questions and provide tips for cleaning a marble shower, cleaning a marble floor and how to properly care for marble countertops.

You’ll find guidance for the best marble sealers and cleaners and what you need to know about identifying and removing stains from marble.

This website will cover everything from caring for Carrara marble to making cultured marble shine. Want to know how to remove smoke from a marble fireplace surround or a marble cemetery headstone or grave marker? That’s covered too!

Whether you’ve selected marble as your natural stone of choice when purchasing a new home or remodeling an existing home, oftentimes guidance on its cleaning is overlooked.

Rarely are you provided a “handbook” for marble care as you would a product manual for let’s say an appliance.

Sales reps, designers or installers may not properly educate the buyer about marble’s physical characteristics, its durability and what type of maintenance is required to preserve its beauty. You’ll find those answers here.

What is Marble and What Makes it so Special?

Before you can take the proper steps in how to clean anything made from marble you need to understand a little about this century’s old natural stone itself.

cleaning marbleAll natural stones are not created equal and some of their differences may surprise you.

But because this website is about marble and how to clean it, let’s start by answering just what is marble and how it differs from its biggest competing natural stone – granite.

The classic, unparalleled look of marble is warm, regal and steeped in a 2,000 year old history showcased as part of Italian culture.

But before being quarried for later shaping into artifacts and architecture with its beautiful veining and patterns, it began as simple limestone.

This limestone, over time, achieved a metamorphosis of sorts from a combination of  intense pressure and high temperatures deep within the earth’s crust.

It was this metamorphosis that altered the crystalline structure of the limestone while introducing foreign materials responsible for marble’s color variations and veining.

Unlike marble, granite has different origins. Granite is the result of molten volcanic magma which was formed and then cooled also deep beneath the earth’s surface.

Even though some granites have veining similar to marble, its dense graining makes it the harder (and the stronger) of these two natural stones.

Marble vs Granite Comparison Chart

what is marble and marble vs granite