Marble StainDoes marble stain? The short answer is yes and the video below will show you the top 10 contributors to marble stains.

Marble, while a beautiful, lustrous natural stone when polished is not as dense or as strong as its counterpart granite so extra care needs to be exercised to protect its appearance and appeal.

Using something a simple as a drink coaster on a marble counter top can prevent that hard water stain on marble you’ll need to deal with later.

The same water stain that you might easily wipe up with a damp towel on a granite surface can actually etch the top of a marble surface because marble is not as hard as granite and is more porous. This means that liquids and oils may soak in below its surface making them more difficult to remove.

Avoid These to Prevent a Marble Stain

Should your marble surface come in contact with any of the offending elements shown in the video below, proper and timely maintenance is your best damage control.

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