best marble cleaner comparisonThere are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the best marble cleaner.

Alkaline-based cleaning solutions for marble work the best. Because marble is porous and not as hard as some other natural stones like granite, acid-based cleaning products will DAMAGE marble and will likely produce headaches rather than results.

Articles on this website talk about how acidic products and foods will etch the surface of your marble leaving it dull and damaged and acid-based cleaners will do the same.

Another thing to remember about any cleaner for marble is that it will not polish the surface, unless specifically noted to do so and will not remove etches or scratches in a marble’s surface.

In fact, cleaned marble countertops and floors may not look much different AFTER they have been cleaned.

To restore shine, polishing marble may be in order and for deep etches or scratches, you may need refinishing.

Tips for Cleaning a Marble Surface

  1. Remove surface dust and dirt prior to cleaning so surface particles do not become trapped in marble pores and do not scratch the marble surface when they become wet
  2. For cleaning concentrates added to water, do not exceed recommended ratios or streaking may occur
  3. If cleaning cloths or mop heads become visibly soiled during cleaning process, be sure to rinse frequently
  4. If not using pH neutral cleaners, wear latex or rubber gloves to prevent skin irritation
  5. For cleaners that are not low odor emitting, adequate ventilation should be provided when cleaning
  6. Verify that cleaner is suitable for both SEALED and UNSEALED marble surfaces
  7. Verify that surface cleaner is safe for use in areas where food is prepared
  8. DO NOT use a cleaner, unless specifically labeled for marble use, even if it says “multi-surface” or “all purpose”

Options for Consumer-Rated Best Marble Cleaner

Here’s how the top consumer-rated marble cleaning products meet the standard for the best marble cleaner.

Included in the matrix below are 8 columns — Cleaner Image, Product Name, Cleaner Use, How Applied, Eco-Friendly, Warranty, Rating and Cost, plus any relevant comments.

The products listed in the table below are ALL suitable for marble floors and marble surfaces where noted.

Black Diamond Marble CleanerBlack Diamond MTC QT Marble and Tile Floor Cleaner
FloorsPour and WipeKid & Pet Safe
pH Balanced
Limited to Product Defect Only4.5 / $Fresh Scent
Streak Free
simple green marble cleanerSimple Green 18401 Stone Cleaner
Surface cleaningSpray and WipeKid & Pet Safe
pH Balanced
Money Back Guaranty with Product Return Claim Form4.5 / $Not recommended for floors
Granite Gold Cleaner for MarbleGranite Gold Daily Cleaner for Marble
Surface cleaningSpray and WipeKid & Pet Safe
pH Balanced
Not Available4.4 / $Not recommended for floors
Streak-free citrus scent
zep marble and granite cleanerZEP Marble, Granite and Quartz Cleaner
Surface cleaningSpray and WipeKid & Pet SafeNot Available4.7 / $Not recommended for floors
sofix marble floor cleanerSofix Stone Floor Cleaner
Floors - Indoor and Outdoor StonePour and Wipe - No RinseNot AvailableNot Available5.0 / $May make floor surface slippery
Bona Cleaner for Marble FloorsBona Stone Tile Floor Cleaner
FloorsApply with Mop or Soft Cloth, Rinse to prevent streakingKid & Pet SafeNot Available4.4 / $$For use on SEALED marble
Armstong once n done cleaner for marbleArmstrong Once 'N Done Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Floor cleaner1 Cap to 1 Gallon of Water Ratio - No RinseNot Eco-FriendlyLimited to Product Defect Only5.0 / $$Slight ammonia odor

Cost Legend

  • $= under $10
  • $$ = $20 or more
  • $$$=$21 to $49
  • $$$$=over $50