How to Clean Marble GuideHow would a comprehensive How to Clean Marble guide benefit you? You don’t have to think too long to realize you’ve made the investment to own marble and will naturally want to preserve its beauty.

While this isn’t the first thing we think of when we buy it, this natural stone, properly maintained, will last generations.

The proper care and maintenance for marble or granite might be a little intimidating because you certainly don’t want to ruin it so why not equip yourself with an on-demand tool that provides all you need to know?

Maintaining marble and granite is easy when you’re equipped with the right information — the first thing being that the care for marble and granite is not the same.

While both natural stones may seem similar, the properties as far as material hardness and porosity are very different. Marble is a softer natural stone than granite and can damage more easily.

This means you can’t take the same approach for marble maintenance as you would granite.

My How to Clean Marble guide tells you exactly what you need to succeed keeping your marble or granite looking beautiful for decades. What you’ll find inside the How to Clean Marble guide are chapters on:

  • What will stain marble and granite degrading its beauty
  • How to test your marble and granite to see if it’s sealed
  • Get detailed instructions on how to remove all types of stains
  • Removing smoke, water damage, pet urine, chemical stains and more are included
  • Is your marble or granite scratched or etched? See how to fix it fast and cheap
  • No need for a professional — this is all easy do-it-yourself info compiled from research and experience available at your fingertips

Why Did I Write the How to Clean Marble Guide?

With over 20 years in the commercial construction industry, I’ve purchased, designed, installed, repaired and maintained literally 1,000′s of square feet of marble and granite.

These tips and secrets on cleaning marble are based on my extensive research and knowledge of the properties and performance of one of the most beautiful, natural stones in the world and was put together as a resource and compilation of my years of experience in working with marble.

To learn more about the properties of marble, click HERE.

To have a marble and granite care handbook at your fingertips whenever you need it, CLICK HERE.

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